Diana Ellen

Your captain

Dai Crab Evans

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Retired shellfish and salmon fisherman,
born & bred at sea



After deciding to retire from the police service in 1982. Dai & his Wife Pam re-located to Cardigan where his parents Wynne and Diana lived. Wynne was the local police inspector in Cardigan and when he retired he started Lobster + Crab fishing with his son in Cardigan Bay on the 26ft fibreglass fishing vessel 'Diana Ellen'.

Between 1988 and 1996 he also held a Seine licence to fish for salmon and Sewin on the River Teifi which he reluctantly gave up due to the growing effort on the shellfish side of the business.

Between 1982 and 2012 the business developed from fishing 80 Lobster pots to a peak of 500 lobster and 400 prawn pots from Cardigan Island to 14 miles offshore. The catch was mainly exported by Vivier Lorries to France and Spain. 

In 2013 he decided with aching limbs to sell up but continued to buy crab and process it for local restaurants in the area, hence the nickname "Dai Crabs", fear not!

Married to Pam for forty years with three daughters and five grandchildren Dai is looking forward to his new venture on the beautiful river Teifi.